Kotter's Classic Change Model

July 2008 Issue

By Diana Del Bel Belluz, M.A.Sc., P.Eng.

Harvard Business School professor John P. Kotteroutlined a change management model in his 1996 book Leading Change. His 8-stage process has become a classic that can benefit any risk management leader wanting to enhance the practice and culture of risk (and change) management within their organization. It is particularly useful for dealing with rational resistance discussed in this month’s Feature Article.

Kotter’s 8-Stage Change Management Process

  1. Establish a sense of urgency
    2.  Create a guiding coalition
    3.  Develop a vision and a strategy
    4.  Communicate the change vision
    5.  Empower action
    6.  Generate short-term wins
    7.  Consolidate gains & produce more change
    8.  Anchor new approaches in the culture


Click here to view a brief synopsis of the 8 stages and a commentary on the leadership aspects of Kotter’s change modelfrom D. Quinn Mills, professor emeritus, Harvard Business School.

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