New Compendium on Enterprise Risk Management

March 2010 Issue

book_cover_image_for_web_d1e7If you want to learn about enterprise risk management from some of the leading academics and practitioners of this methodology, Enterprise Risk Management: Today's Leading Research and Best Practices for Tomorrow's Executives is the book for you.

Through in-depth insights into what practitioners of this evolving business practice are actually doing as well as anticipating what needs to be taught on the topic, editors John Fraser and Betty Simkins have sought out the leading experts in this field to clearly explain what enterprise risk management is and how you can teach, learn, and implement these leading practices within the context of your business activities.

Enterprise Risk Management introduces you to the wide range of concepts and techniques for managing risk in a holistic way that correctly identifies risks and prioritizes the appropriate responses. This invaluable guide offers a broad overview of the different types of techniques: the role of the board, risk tolerances, risk profiles, risk workshops, and allocation of resources, while focusing on the principles that determine business success.

The book explores the culture and practices of enterprise risk management without getting bogged down by the mathematics surrounding the more conventional approaches to financial risk management. Filled with helpful tables and charts, Enterprise Risk Management offers a wealth of knowledge on the drivers, the techniques, the benefits, as well as the pitfalls to avoid, in successfully implementing enterprise risk management.

I was asked to author the chapter on Operational Risk Management. Here’s how the editors describe my contribution to the book:

“Diana explains the fundamentals of risk management in an operational setting and how operational risk management can be used to capture the full performance potential of an organization. She explores what is meant by operational risk and why it is important. She frames her explanations around questions such as:

  • How do you align operational risk management with enterprise risk management?
  • How do you assess operational risks?
  • Why do you need to define risk tolerance for aligned decision making?
  • What can you do to manage operational risk?
  • How do you encourage a culture of risk management at the operational level?

This chapter provides a well-rounded introduction to a topic that is becoming of increasing interest.”

Enterprise Risk Management is an informative guide that will help you unlock the incredible potential of enterprise risk management, and your potential to deliver solid management.

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