Case Study of a Metropolitan Transit Operator

Business Unit of Transit Operator

The enhanced risk management capability has proven to be particularly valuable as the organization has subsequently had to manage a number of new challenges in its external and internal environments.


A business unit of a major municipal transit operator faced a human resources threat posed by the forecasted retirement of a significant portion of its middle and senior managers within a 3-5 year timeframe.

To minimize the impact of retirements on its management capacity, the business unit manager wanted to enhance the capabilities of the organization’s front-line managers to manage risks in a proactive manner to (a) immediately improve their management results and (b) prepare them for the higher management positions that would need to be filled as a result of the coming wave of retirements.

What we did:

Risk Wise adapted its Risk Management Diagnostic program to provide a targeted cross-section of the client’s front line managers with a risk management training and skills development program. Participants learned how to identify and assess risks and how to measure the effectiveness of their existing risk management practices as well as how to evaluate proposed changes to their risk management activities. The program was delivered in a series of weekly sessions to enable the participants to continue to manage their regular duties without overwhelming them with in-class sessions. This flexible training schedule enabled participants to hone their risk management skills in-between training sessions by applying the knowledge they acquired in-class to their particular performance management priorities in their operational environment. The participants learning was further cemented through weekly feedback and coaching from a risk management mentor.


Participants developed a deeper understanding of how to identify and manage the most important success factors and relevant risks (both threats and opportunities) to achieving their key goals and objectives. They also learned how to prioritize their activities to align with the organization’s corporate vision and strategies. The transit operator increased its pool of managers with risk management knowledge and skills who practice the discipline of proactive operational management.

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