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On this page you will find a listing of upcoming events that may help you achieve your risk management professional development and training objectives.


How Smart Companies Are Making Decisions Under Travel Restrictions. March 12, 2020, 12:00PM-12:45PM EDT - COVID-19 fears have resulted in major corporations such as Amazon, GSK, Goldman Sachs, and Nike restricting travel for employees. As the global economic outlook worsens, it is critical to be able to make good decisions without traveling to take part in face-to-face meetings. Deb Krizmanich, CEO, Powernoodle and Carl Spetzler, CEO, Strategic Decisions Group,will present these critical topics that can help your organization to make timely, high-quality decisions despite the coronavirus:

  • How traditional, co-located approaches to decision making (meetings, workshops, teleconferences) create barriers to good decisions.
  • How to create the environment (facilitator, tools, design) needed to maximize engagement and outperform, regardless of where everyone is located.
  • Benefits of agility, speed, and quality will become your new normal in transforming how you make decisions.

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Virtual Learning Bites

April 2020 - NavIncerta and Risk Wise will launch our newest  Virtual Learning Bites one on Risk Appetite, and another on Decision Making and Decision Quality. Our full slate of learning bites includes:

  • Risk Appetite – a technique to surface and articulate an organization's risk criteria to align behaviours and choices regarding in decisions about risk
  • Decision Making and Decision Quality – a formalized approach to support organizations to make sound decisions 
  • Italian Flag – a technique to estimate the probability of a risk event
  • Range Assessment – a technique to quantify the range of potential values of an uncertain variable
  • Scenario Planning Primer– an overview of the principles of scenario planning for decision making
  • Why Probabilistic Investment Analysis – an introduction to the principles of using probabilities in financial analysis.


What is a Learning Bite? It's an online training course on a single method or tool that can be quickly absorbed and applied to your business. It's called a bite because the technique presented in each course has stand-alone value and it is compact - taking only about two hours of effort over a calendar month.

You get a powerful combination of individual learning and feedback from the instructors and a live group discussion that is not typically included in online courses.

It is delivered in a convenient virtual format. So there's no travel and you have the flexibility to do the lessons and assignments at whatever time works for your schedule.

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Masters Certificate in ERM

April 20-24 2020 - The Schulich School of Business will present the next Module of the Masters Certificate Program in Risk Management and Business Performance Leadership at York University in Toronto, ON. The program is unique in Canada in that it focuses on enterprise risk management as an essential competency for organization success. The program is designed by Schulich's Centre of Excellence in Governance, Risk Management and Control. It is a 13-day program spread across 9 months and comprises 3 standalone modules which can be taken individually or collectively in any order to earn the Masters Certificate. The three program modules are:

  • Module 1: Enterprise Risk Management Framework (April 20-24, 2020)
  • Module 2: Enterprise Risk Implementation (September 21-24, 2020)
  • Module 3: Advanced Enterprise Risk Practises (January 25-28, 2021)

SPECIAL OFFER for The Mobilize for Growth™ Advisory subscribers: $1000 off the full fee on the Masters Certificate Program in Risk Management and Business Performance for the session starting on April 20th.  (Subscribers have been sent the instructions on how to access this offer). Not yet a subscriber? Don't miss out, click here to sign-up for your complimentary Advisory subscription.


To This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as additional events are announced, subscribe to The Mobilize for Growth™ Advisory. When you subscribe, you'll also receive a free copy of Moving Beyond the Risk Map to Operational Vigilance as a subscription bonusThis document discusses how to convert your static risk map into a tool for timely management action. Topics include:

  • How to decide which 'signals' of changing risk to watch for
  • Setting escalation triggers for action
  • Factors that determine how well your people will heed the call when 'alarms' sound

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us if you would like Risk Wise to list your organization's upcoming events on risk management implementation.

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February 9, 2- The Conference Board of Canadawill present the Investment Industry Enterprise Risk Management: Answering the Wake-Up Call Conference in Toronto. Diana Del Bel Belluzis setting the agenda for this event. To register and view program details, click here. 

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 "Since 2001, I have attended the annual Enterprise Risk Management conference programmed by Diana for the Conference Board of Canada. She has a knack for knowing which topics and speakers will help executives to design, launch, and continually evolve their risk management programs to keep pace with changing business conditions and risk practice standards. The themes and ideas raised are always topical and thought-provoking."

Karen McBride, Executive Vice-President, Chief Risk Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer, Concentra Financial


Moving Beyond the Risk Map to Operational Vigilance

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Diana's Pick

The Neuroscience of Enterprise Risk Management (written by Diana Del Bel Belluz of Risk Wise) expores findings from the field of neuroscience and shares practical tips on how to apply them to enhance individuals' risk management thinking and implement brain-friendly ERM practices in organizations.

The article was published by The Conference Board of Canada in the Autumn 2017 issue of the journal Risk Watch.