Risk Wise 'Personal Trainer' services

"The Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' sessions were dedicated to my top ERM implementation issues. I enjoyed the sessions and shared the tools Diana provided with my team."

Lisa Farmer, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Alfa Insurance

Learn how to seamlessly integrate risk management so that it becomes second nature to your people and produces improved performance, accountability, and competitiveness.

Learn how to systematize your risk management practices faster, easier, and at a lower cost than you might imagine.

Our Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' services include four programs that could dramatically improve your ability to implement risk management in your organization. Here is the reason why the personal training in these one-to-one programs is critical for you to learn:

It solves a huge problem undermining you and virtually all risk management leaders.

The problem that the vast majority of people tasked with integrating risk management across their organization face is this: they haven’t implemented systematic risk management before. Successful implementation of systematic risk management requires both solid knowledge of the risk discipline and the skill to shift organizational culture. Are you in one these two common situations?

  1. You are well versed in the technical aspects of risk but you have no previous experience in designing and leading a major change management initiative. Faced with this situation, many risk management leaderstend to cling to their comfort zone and focus on the technical aspects such as developing risk frameworks and tools. Because they typically ignore or mishandle the culture change element, technical experts often fail to get the buy-in required to make the framework live and breath across the enterprise.
  2. Your organization has tried to circumvent the above scenario by assigning the risk management leadership role to you because of your strong track record in change management. Risk management leaders who lack deep experience and knowledge of the risk discipline and who try to proceed without the support of a seasoned risk professional run the risk of creating poorly constructed risk frameworks and tools that don’t effectively manage the organization’s risks. This can ultimately destroy the credibility of the whole initiative.

Why traditional training courses fall short.

How much money and time and have you spent on courses, conferences, and other training events only to return to the office and still not have a solid strategy and plan to achieve your risk management implementation goals? That’s because training events are offered to a broad audience and therefore have to stick to generic principles while ignoring the many important nuances that can make or break the implementation of those principles in a particular organization.

An experienced coach can help you to custom-design and actually implement a robust program that meets your organization’s particular risk management needs.
With personal training, your learning isn’t confined to a single event. The advantage of personal training is that you develop your knowledge and receive ongoing coaching and support in how to apply your new knowledge to your organization.

“The design and implementation of risk management will depend on the varying needs of a specific organization, its particular objectives, context, structure, products, services, projects, the operational processes and specific practices employed.”
ISO 31000 (international standard published in 2009):
Risk Management – Principals and Guidelines on Implementation

Anyone who has worked in more than one company knows that every organization has its own unique management system and culture, even if they offer similar products or services to the exact same customer base. It is precisely because of this uniqueness that a one-size-fits-all approach never works for risk management. All successful risk management leaders custom-design their programs and their implementation process to “fit” their organization’s particular management culture and business processes.

The key to success lies in the art and science of custom-designing both the elements of your program and the roll-out process. To be both effective and accepted by your people, your risk management program must leverage your organization’s unique management and competitive strengths and also address the reality of your particular business environment. How you apply the principles of risk management is critical.

Many trainers push their own proprietary approach for risk management. Unfortunately, when the students go back to their organization and try to apply it, they are unsuccessful because it doesn’t fit their unique organizational structure and culture or it fails to address one or more of their key requirements. Many risk management leaders learn the hard way that when you try to shoehorn the organization into a canned risk management approach, you fail to get the buy-in you need to be truly successful. They end up defeated and in the process waste time, effort, and money. 

Other training courses attempt to provide the broader principals of risk management. But to successfully apply a generic approach in a particular organization, a good deal of tweaking and adaptation is required.  Because of time constraints of a course or seminar and the need to appeal to a diverse audience, instructors are unable to give individual students enough time and attention to move from the general principals to the customization required to successfully integrate risk management into the student’s specific organization.

In summary, a course can cost you upwards of $10,000, plus travel expenses and time away from your office. Yet despite all that expense, because of their format and short duration, training courses by themselves cannot give you the sustained support you need to develop the level of in-depth knowledge and skill required to custom-design and implement your risk management program.

"The Risk Wise ‘Personal Trainer’ coaching program provides ‘just in time’ delivery of training when I need it. The ongoing feedback and advice supports our organization’s efforts to continually optimize our ERM performance. It’s been like an ERM internship where I learn and do at the same time."

Mieke Busman, Director, Enterprise Risk, Privacy & Quality, MacKenzie Health


Your Personal Trainer bridges your experience gap.

You know from experience that know-how and skill can only be developed through practice, not through a training course alone. As with any other skill, the right guidance can develop your risk management implementation proficiency further and quicker than if you try to go it alone. And because we’ve been there, we can help you to avoid the common mistakes and stumbles of the novice.

Research demonstrates that productivity results improve from 22% for training alone to 88% when coaching is added to training.

Our personal training programs are perfect for executives who don’t have time for formal training courses and prefer one-to-one professional development sessions tailored to their specific risk management challenges and their busy schedule. This service is particularly helpful for:

  • people who are new to the field of risk and want to get up to speed quickly to ensure the tools and program they are designing will support solid risk assessment and improved risk management results. 
  • seasoned risk professionals who want a second opinion from someone who is experienced in integrating risk management into business practices.

Get loads of help each step of the way to save time and prevent costly errors.

The Risk Wise Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' programs are designed to accelerate the development of your risk and change management skill sets. You gain objective feedback, new ideas and sound advice you can apply immediately. With coaching support, risk management results happen more quickly than if you try to go it alone. Turn your training expense into an investment in the development of your organization’s risk management program.

When you participate in our one-to-one Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' programs, you will:

  • Discuss risk management issues you’re grappling with today and develop actionable solutions that you can apply immediately.
  • Learn to balance the strategic and the tactical with an advisor who understands the challenges of implementing risk management in a complex business environment.
  • Get the on-going support you need to systematize risk management and keep your program on track.
  • Gain access to a broad array of proven tools and techniques for the assessment, management and communication of risk.
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments and emerging best practices in risk management.
  • Have the ear of a risk management leader who will act as a sounding board to help you develop your ideas into creative and feasible solutions.
  • Enjoy the convenience of having private, confidential sessions over the phone at a time that fits your schedule.


How our Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' services works:

  • Before being accepted into a program, we’ll interview you to ascertain if the program can meet your needs for personal training and implementation support. If so, we’ll send you an Application.
  • Once accepted into the program, you will have private sessions with a risk management expert. Each 'personal training' call is 30-minutes in duration. You will receive one session each month at a time that fits your schedule.
  • Participate once a month, for a minimum of twelve months, with an opportunity to add more sessions or extend until your risk management program is completely implemented.
  • Prior to each one-to-one session, you will email your advisor a brief outline (1-page max.) of the issue you wish to cover in the 'personal training' session. This allows both you and your advisor to bring a laser-like focus to your most important risk management implementation issues.

Your personal trainer will tailor your personalized 30-minute session to tackle the issue you identified in your 1-pager. Depending on your particular needs, the session will include a customized combination of feedback, advice, and training.

At the conclusion of each session, you will decide on the action you will take to advance your risk management program. Your personal advisor will support you on every step of your risk management implementation journey.

"Diana's coaching helped to ensure we are on the right path with our ERM implementation strategy. The 30-minute format was extremely effective from a time-management perspective."

Lisa Farmer, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Alfa Insurance


You want a coach who is experienced in business AND in providing innovative professional development

In my 25+ years of doing leading-edge risk management consulting, I have developed strong skills in coaching risk management leaders. With my help, my clients learn to develop their own risk management capabilities and to develop the capacity of their people to manage risk systematically.

I also have extensive experience in developing professional development programs. Here are some examples of organizations for which I have developed ground-breaking executive development programs on risk management:

  • Schulich School of Business, York University
  • The Conference Board of Canada
  • Institute for Risk Research, University of Waterloo
  • Ontario Society for Professional Engineers

I’ve custom-designed and delivered in-house training programs for client organizations including: Bombardier, British Columbia Safety Authority, the Canadian Coast Guard, Dofasco, Toronto Transit Commission, and Transport Canada.

Are you eligible for this program?

A great deal of success in life and business comes down to personal chemistry. It’s hard to define and yet it can be the crucial difference that determines success or failure. You are likely to find our Personal Trainers successful working partners if, like us, you are:

  • Down-to-earth and practical. If something works you’re interested to see how far you can go with it and if it doesn’t you don’t get locked into defending it. You appreciate that a dose of structure & process can go a long way without getting bogged down in bureaucracy & red tape.
  • Ready to make the changes necessary to implement a systematic approach to risk management. You know that the big investment in implementing any management technique isn’t so much time or money as it is effort. You have what it takes to persevere through the many challenges that can arise during the implementation process.
  • Committed to long-term solutions and willing to work diligently. You know that opting for a ‘quick fix’ almost always leads to failure and disappointment. Risk management is like a marathon rather than a sprint. Clients who recognize the long-term value of risk management work hard to develop and maintain their organization’s risk management ‘muscle’. You’re ready to incrementally and persistently build up risk management until it becomes a standard practice across your organization.
  • Recognize that effective risk management strikes the right balance between processes and people. You are ready to put in place robust structures and processes AND to develop a strong risk management culture in your people.
  • Prepared to develop business risk management knowledge and competencies in yourself and your people. Ultimately, the success of any risk management program is dependent on how well people use it. No one becomes a risk management expert overnight. Successful risk management leaders give their people appropriate initial training and on-going coaching to cement buy-in.

Money-Back Guarantee

Our guarantee is based on mutual fairness. If the Risk Management ‘Personal Trainer’ program does not meet your stated expectations, we will happily refund your fee, provided that you participate fully in the program and make a sincere effort to apply the training and advice you receive.

Payment Options

If you are interested in receiving implementation support from a Risk Management ‘Personal Trainer’ and if you want to benefit from this cost effective program (it is a fraction of the cost you would spend on most risk management courses or on a consultant’s retainer fee), you could be on your way to the risk management implementation experience of a lifetime.

To ensure results, all coaching programs are 12 months in duration. We offer coaching programs for every budget:

  • The Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' Intensive Program ($12,500 per year) is for executives whose main role is to implement ERM and who want to quickly establish their program or accelerate the pace of implementation. This service provides laser coaching sessions twice a month with an experienced ERM expert who provides customized advice, feedback, and training on specific ERM strategies and techniques to tackle your most pressing ERM implementation issues. Sessions are scheduled to fit into your hectic calendar. This coaching program will help you to engage maximum leadership support and employee buy-in of the ERM program you are building. Details of this program are described above.
  • The Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' Standard Program ($7,500 per year) is ideal for C-suite executives for whom ERM leadership is one of many hats they wear and who want to get up to speed quickly. This service provides monthly laser coaching sessions with an experienced ERM expert who provides customized advice, feedback, and training on specific ERM strategies and techniques to tackle your most pressing ERM implementation issues. Sessions are scheduled to fit into your hectic calendar. This coaching program ensures the risk management tools and program you are designing will support solid risk assessment and improved risk management behaviour and results. Details of this program are described above.
  • The Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' ERM Sounding Board Program ($4,750 per year) is ideal for leaders of established risk management programs who want access to new ideas and emerging practices or a second opinion from a seasoned ERM advisor. You receive quarterly check-ins with a senior Risk Wise advisor to ensure your ERM program is on the right track to achieve your ERM vision. This program provides access to the latest risk management thinking from a seasoned ERM expert and thought leader to help you keep pace with leading ERM practices.  Details on this program are described below.
  • The Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' À La Carte Program (priced to fit your budget, 'base' package starts at $2,750 per year) is ideal for ERM leaders who need in-depth education on ERM fundamentals or who want to provide their team with ERM training. This program adds education to coaching to directly facilitate the custom-design of critical components of your ERM program. We custom design the level of support to achieve your particular ERM goals.  Details on this program are described below.


"Given today’s fiscal constraints, the ‘Personal Trainer’ program is the most cost-effective approach to build internal ERM capacity. The coaching format has proven to be a sustainable way to move forward."

Mieke Busman, Director, Enterprise Risk, Privacy & Quality, MacKenzie Health


If you need more than just mentoring, go 'À La Carte'

We offer an 'À La Carte' Risk Management 'Personal Trainer' coaching program that we tailor to give you all the ERM support you need to achieve your ERM goals. For example, the 'à la carte' program can include a combination of:

  • laser telephone coaching sessions to keep your program moving forward
  • online training sessions to round out your ERM knowledge and skills
  • hands-on workshops with your team to build critical pieces of your program. For example, we can help you to:
  • define your ERM vision
  • articulate your risk appetite framework
  • chart an ERM implementation roadmap that fits into your overall business priorities and plans
  • overcome the particular challenge that is holding you back from achieving your ERM goals.

Let us know your needs and we'll put together a program priced to fit your budget.

Don't need mentoring but still want to confer with an ERM expert? Our 'ERM Sounding Board' option is designed for you.

For clients who are seasoned risk professionals but still want a second opinion from someone who is experienced in integrating risk management into business practices, we offer an ERM Sounding Board option. This service provides:

  • An initial 45-minute ERM Strategy Review session with a senior Risk Wise advisor to confirm the feasibility of your organization's ERM goals and implementation plan. If you haven't formally articulated your ERM plan, we'll provide you with a complimentary Jump Start session ($1450 value) to help you chart your ERM vision and roadmap.
  • Quarterly 45-minute telephone check-ins with your senior Risk Wise advisor who will provide feedback on your ERM strategies and performance to ensure your ERM program stays on the right track to achieve your ERM goals. Your advisor will also inform you of the latest ERM research and trends to ensure your programkeeps pace with leading ERM practices.
  • Quarterly summary reports that document your progress-to-date on your ERM journey and the value ERM is adding to your business.

The price for the ERM Sounding Board service is $4,750 per year.

Imagine, a year from now…

After having worked regularly with a Risk Management ‘Personal Trainer’, you will:

  • have taken your organization’s risk management to a whole new level of effectiveness,
  • be well on your way to achieving improved performance, accountability and innovation, and
  • have acquired the right knowledge and skills to bridge your experience gap so you can ratchet up your organization’s risk management whenever you desire.

Let Risk Wise help make your risk management initiative a success. You can begin to make it a reality this instant. Just pick up the phone or email me right now to request your appointment.


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Cathy Taylor
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