We equip leaders to confidently handle their organization’s major risk exposures.

“The Risk Wise process enabled us to do Enterprise Risk Management well and with a minimum of time expenditure. That’s the best outcome for us.”

John Macdonald
CEO, formerly President & CEO, Enercare

The winds of change are strong and threaten the performance of most organizations. Constant and disruptive shifts in business conditions make it hard for even the best-managed companies to sustain success.

We help organizations to fully achieve their growth objectives by strengthening their ability to manage their enterprise risks. We do this by first giving our clients simple and robust tools for risk assessment and risk governance that are tailored to their business context and culture. Then we upskill their people to use those tools to make better-informed decisions about the best opportunities to pursue while systematically navigating the destructive forces fueled by uncertainties and risks in their business environment. 

As a result, executive teams and boards gain clarity and confidence about their Enterprise Risk Management choices. 

Diana Del Bel Belluz

President of Risk Wise
and Co-founder of Claridec


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