Leverage ERM

To realize the full value of ERM requires confident and calculated risk-taking in service of the organization’s mission.

But many ERM programs struggle to deliver compelling risk intelligence that supports bold strategic decision-making. Through our joint venture partner Claridec, we offer a Decision Clarity Program to help you take your ERM practice to a whole new level by enhancing your people’s capabilities to make high quality risk-informed decisions.  This advanced program is only available from us. In this program we help leaders to:

  • Honestly assess their organization’s decision-making capabilities with a simple scorecard that explores performance on the ten essential elements of decision clarity.
  • Develop a roadmap for embedding decision-clarity concepts into their organization’s DNA to fully mobilize your people and resources for growth.
  • Upskill their people to consistently make great decisions when developing and executing growth strategies.
  • Sustain the organization’s growth trajectory and develop greater resilience to change by continually anticipating emerging opportunities and risks and adapting the organization’s strategies to maximize its growth potential.

“Diana Del Bel Belluz is one of the few experts providing valuable information on the people aspects of risk management.”

Beaumont Vance

Editor, Risk Management Reports